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Break Into Tech with Manual QA.
Learn how to start your high-paying career in tech as a Quality Assurance engineer. No coding or IT experience required.
Manual QA Webinar
February 25th, 2021
11am PST
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Presented by Careerist
QA (quality assurance) can be your shortcut to enter the tech world. With no computer science skills required, you can quickly get a high-paying job in a notable technology company.
Quality Assurance engineers are in high demand and make high, tech-industry salaries.
QA is one of the fastest and quickest career paths to get into the tech industry.
High salaries & demand
Fast and easy
Partical. Attainable. Rewarding.
Manual Quality Assuranse may be the right career for you.
Here's a few reasons why:
Many non-technical adults want to work for a successful tech company. QA can get you a tech job without a computer science degree or hard-to-learn technology skills.
QA Engineers can work from an office or from home. Their real-world impact helps shape the world.
No tech/IT background required
Flexible and rewarding
QA specialists are in high demand
Ranked #2 happiest job in the USA, Quality Assurance (QA) engineers are responsible for testing and monitoring software.
Lead by Instructor
Max Glubochansky
For the past decade Max Glubochansky has worked as a QA Engineer at Apple, Intel and other Silicon Valley companies. Now, as the co-founder of Careerist, Max's mission is to share the opporunities he's had with students loooking to improve their careers.
Presented by Careerist
Careerist's methodology has helped hundreds of students enter the most desirable tech companies, including:
1 hour of actionable, career insights.
Here's what to expect:
What is QA?
You will learn the basics of QA and the different types of QA jobs.
Is QA the right career for you?
You will find out if a QA career suites your needs and goals.
How to land a job in QA?
You will learn about the current demand for QA jobs.
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