MAY 19
11:00 AM PDT
Welcome to our free webinar which could help to upgrade your career and get more opportunities. You will know how to find a job in top tech companies in the US, which mistakes you could avoid and how to get better offers. Join now!
MAY 19
11:00 AM PDT
How to Start a Tech Career: A Guide for Students
What is CareerUp SWE?
This program was created for those who want to work in IT, who are ready for a bigger salary and a job in companies like FAANG, but who don't know how to get there. We will help you to do it with our 1:1 mentorship, job applications service, intensive online and flexible tuition with experts from industry insiders.
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Why choose CareerUp SWE?
Instructors from industry insiders
You will get mentors who already have been in top companies so they know how exactly everything works.
1:1 mentorship
You don't need to stop your current work, just 1-1,5 hours a day to get a result in some months.
Job Application Service
You don't need to search for positions and apply your CV, we will do it for you.
Flexible tuition
Mentors will guide you through all the way, you will be prepared for interviews in top companies with all the specific details, tests, and questions.
Petr Tsatsin
Petr has a background in Computational Physics. He was working with Oakridge National Laboratory on the scientific software for modeling various astrophysical scenarios. After completing his PhD he moved to Silicon Valley and climbed up the ladder starting from Software Engineer to co-founder and CTO of a startup. He has vast experience from both sides of the interview process. All his spare time he likes to spend with his wife and two kids.
Ilya Shmidt
Ilya Shmidt is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and co-founder of several companies, from Biotechnology to IT. At Careerist, he is responsible for Operations and Business Development. Ilya is dedicated to student's success and loves to motivate people to achieve new heights.
1 hour of career insights
Petr will share his experience and tell about his mistakes, interviews in top companies and his path from PhD to IT.
How to transit from academia to IT?
Our speakers will explain how to get a job in top companies, which are the secrets, how to get there and how to pass the interviews.
How to get a job at FAANG or another top company?
How can CareerUp SWE help you?
We will talk about our ways to achieve your goals with JAS, 1:1 mentorship and flexible tuition.
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