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How you'd break into tech?
You don’t need to know computer science to start making tech salaries. We’ve developed a new system to help you move into the tech field. It’s simple, practical, and proven.
No experience? No worries.
We believe anyone can get into the high-paying tech sector. We’ll start you off learning the very basics, give you the experience you need to build a resume, and then help you apply for the right job.
From education to job placement and beyond 🚀

Our proven job placement service is unlike any other.
Because we cover the entire job seeking journey. Every step of the way.
Meet a career specialist and find the right career track for you
No experience? No worries. Your career specialist will get you matched with the right job for you, considering you background, location and goals.
Learn practical skills
for in-demand jobs in tech
Learn from expert professionals the necessary skills to get a future-proof job. The courses are held online and are designed to teach you only the key concepts you’ll need to start working right away.
Get 1-on-1 mentorship
and an internship
Work with mentors on real-life projects during and after your training. Build your resume so you’ll have both experience and a network to land a high-paying job.
Apply like a pro
Stand out with our Job Application service and technology. We will train you for your upcoming interviews and assist with salary negotiations.
Start your job
and continue to grow
JobEasy will be there to assist you on your new job and available for you when you are looking to learn new skills and move up in your career
Program Plan
Tuition and Fees
Enroll by August 16th
Schedule time with a career specialist to find out the right career track for you. Limited seats available, enroll early to secure your seat.
Gain skills and experience
Learn new skills and practice with coaches and mentors. Then get an online internship to build your resume.
Get income, then pay tuition
We will help you get a high-paying job in tech. And until then, you don't owe the tuition.
$699 Admissions Fee
The admissions fee ensures you get the support you need when you need it. It covers the mentorship, internship and administrative service fees.
Success-based tuition
Our education program tuition is now even more accessible: owe 12% of the first 18 months of salary when you are hired. Only pay if you get a high-paying job.

Or pay $7,500 $2,999 upfront.
We're so proud.

Our graduates work at top companies, including:

Meet our graduates 👋
Dina L.
Quality Assurance Engineer at Google
I received an offer of $45+ per hour after the very first interview with a company in New York! I didn’t have any prior experience in this field. Max Glubochansky and his colleagues are fantastic! They explain everything very well. Before I signed up with them, I did a lot of research among online schools.
Oksana W.
Quality Assurance Tester at Apple
I’m one of Max’s students who did the program and is highly happy and satisfied! I’m employed at Google as a tester and I absolutely love it! This is 100% working and I’m very grateful and thankful to Max. He does everything to make his students successful and competitive. You just have to be persistent hard working and optimistic. This field is in demand now and the market is pretty good as well. All you need to do is just finish the course and start applying!
David G
Quality Assurance engineer at Uber
I’m 21 years old. I worked as a waiter. Got an offer for $35/hour in Los Angeles!
JobEasy Tracks | Summer 2020
Our programs are designed around for high-demand professions in the tech industry.

Meet a career specialist to find the track for you. Inquire about the multiple tracks bundle.
Next class starts
August 16th

4-6 weeks

Next class starts
August 16th

4-6 weeks

Quality Assurance (QA)
No prior experience required. Get started now ➡
Forbes listed QA as one of the happiest jobs in America. It is also one of the high-demand jobs in tech. Learn with intensive practical program to prepare you for a successful QA career.
Next class starts
August 16th

2-4 weeks

Next class starts
August 16th

2-4 weeks

Tech Support
No prior experience required. Get started now ➡
More people are using websites and apps, and they need help. That's where you come in. Help tech companies support their users and customers, and make great living.
Next class
August 16th

Next class
August 16th

Dev Ops
Some experience required. Inquire about dev ops ➡
Manage developers and help tech companies build products that matter.
Next class
August 25th

10 weeks
Next class
August 25th

10 weeks
Quality Assurance (QA) Automation 
Available for QA program graduates only.
An immersive practical course to boost your QA career with Automation.
Next class
August 25th
Next class
August 25th
Front End Development
Some experience required. Inquire about dev ops ➡
Learn how to build websites and enter one of the most lucrative careers in America.
Meet a career specialist for free
Get to know your career options and the JobEasy program. Schedule a call with a career specialist.
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