If you are an IT professional who is willing to relocate to the US for a job with an annual salary starting from $200,000+ then we invite you to apply for our Acceleration Program. We'd apply for a work visa on your behalf, improve your hard and soft skills, and find you job offers from top tech companies. Don't wait long – sign up for a free webinar today!
Visa, Relocation and Employment in the USA for Middle and Senior
IT Specialists

Our program is for you if:
    You speak English or are willing to learn it within 6 to 12 months
      You are mid-senior level Software Engineer with 3+years of experience
        You are psychologically prepared to relocate and work in the United States in the near future
        Why JobEasy is the best partner for relocation and employment
        in the USA
        We work according to the ISA (Income Share Agreement) system, which ensures we are directly and totally invested in getting you a dynamic high-paying job
        We will help you collect and apply for TN work visa
        We know what professional and communication skills are in demand in companies of the FAANG level and will help you pump them up.
        We also support you in your future career path and periodically offer growth options.
        Thanks to our knowledge and connections, you will be able to find a job with an above average salary.
        Stanislav Ageyenko

        He has many years of experience in HR consulting for international companies. Stanislav is in charge of projects aimed at the selection and relocation of mid-, senior, and executive level professionals in a number of countries and industries. He has helped hundreds of people to get jobs with the maximum compensation package. He always serves best interests of a job applicant.
        JobEasy's methodology has helped hundreds of students enter the most desirable tech companies, including:
        Our students
        Average web developer salaries in the US in 2021
        What happens at the webinar?
        You will find out full details on the program and how JobEasy increases your chances of obtaining a visa and successful employment.
        5 steps to getting hired and moving to the USA with JobEasy
        We are fully involved in the process and help find and apply to jobs and also help you train for interviews with industry-insider information.
        The job search: we find vacancies and help with interviews
        Q&A Time
        You can ask any questions and see how the program fits your needs.
        Before the webinar, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the O-1 visa information on the US government website at the link: https://www.uscis.gov
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