JAN 18
11 AM PT | 2PM ET
Tech Salary, No Coding:
Become a Sales Engineer
You don't need advanced technical knowledge, a college education, or sales experience to get this profession. Are you ready to go to work in IT and earn up to $75K per year? Then register for our webinar!
JAN 18
11 AM PT | 2 PM ET
Who is a Sales
Sales engineers help big companies sell their tech products to other companies. They are like salesmen, but they aren't expected to do as much of the actual selling.

Sales engineers help software companies sell their products. They go to big companies and try to convince them to buy the company's software. They also set up demos, and presentations and help people use the software after they buy it.

Benefits of being a Sales Engineer
High salary
Average salary is $87-126k per year
Highly in demand job
Tech companies are increasing their demand for Sales Engineers and Solutions Engineers
Work remote
You can find work in any state or city, and work from home, which is especially important now.
Career growth
Opportunity for fast career growth to quickly become a Regional Manager or Enterprise Account Executive after 3+ years in the field
Our students
Careerist's methodology has helped hundreds of students enter the most desirable tech companies, including:
1 hour of career insights
What is a SRD?

Learn the day-today of a Sales Engineer and the tasks they solve every day.
Is this the career for me?

Together, we will figure out if the job of SRD is right for you and how to successfully get started.
What does it take to get hired?

We'll show you how our training programs can get you hired within in 2-4 months
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